Yellowjackets Episode 9 Release Date, Time And What We Know So Far

Yellowjackets Episode 9 Updates: Yellowjackets is a horror drama series based on supernatural events. The series follows a group of high school soccer players who get stranded in the wilderness of Ontario after their plane crashes on their way to Nationals.

When they realize that no help is on its way,  they have to take matters into their own hands and find a way out themselves. With the beginning of winter and the exhaustion of food supplies, those who are still alive free their monsters. Back there, all survivors cope differently with their trauma.

Yellowjackets Episode 9 Timing and Scheduling 

Yellowjackets Episode 9
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The Yellowjackets Episode 9 will release on Showtime on January 9, 2022, for 10 hours. 

The series consists of ten hour-long episodes which are telecasted every   Sunday.

Tune in to Showtime at the aforementioned time and date to watch Episode 9 of Yellowjackets. Fans can watch the episode on the official Showtime website or through the Showtime Anytime app.

Streaming options include Sling TV, Hulu+Live TV, Fubo TV, DirecTV, Spectrum, and YouTube TV, while Canadians can view the series on Crave.

What can we expect in Yellowjackets Episode 9?

Yellowjackets Episode 9

In episode 9, titled ‘Doomcoming,’ the girls realize that they have to go back to civilization after Laura Lee’s death. If they would have reached New Jersey, they would have been attending the homecoming party.

With the food supply all but gone, the survivors will resort to desperate measures as they host a party in the wilderness called Doomcoming. Chances are that Adam’s identity will come out and that of the blackmailer as well. Shauna’s surroundings will change.

As Nat and Misty investigate, they uncover some disturbing truths.

What was the Last episode about?

Yellowjackets Episode 9
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Episode eight, titled ‘Flight of the Bumblebee,’ starts off evolving as Taissa and the others put together a funeral pyre for Van, but the latter remains very a lot alive.     Coach Scott turns out to be gay. Nat and Travis’ dating crashes on not so balanced plane. Laura Lee fervently faiths on that her fate is to fly a plane to civilization and make sure her friends stay safe and alive. She dies as the plane explodes.

In 2021, Callie apprise her Mother against Adam. Misty stops Nat from using cocaine, but it didn’t help much. After an episode with her birdie, Misty wants to free Jessica. Nat blackmails her former sponsor to get Travis’ financial institution records. It looks like that the episodes of Taissa are because of her sleepwalking habit.

Shauna gets evidence that seems to point to against Adam, indicating him to be the blackmailer.

A new trailer for the approaching Yellowjackets episode 9 teases the stranded football crew’s descent into cannibalism. Created by the married couple Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson, Yellowjackets acquired critiques upon its finest in November. 

The horror mystery collection unfolds in two alternating timelines. One follows an excessive school football team in 1996 as they struggle to continue to exist following a devastating plane crash within the northern desolate tract.

Meanwhile, twenty-five years later, some survivors are confronted with the resulting trauma, terrifying snooping actors, and undisclosed secrets.

A new Showtime Yellowjackets promo points at activities from the season’s second to the last episode. From the appears of it, the woods-bound crew is starting to descend into chaos. The mood of most of the ladies appears to oscillate between celebration and terror, with the trailer hinting at the crew’s first time sporting animal skins—a harsh reminder that iciness is coming.    

Trippy digicam outcomes—now not to mention an allusion to being poisoned—denote a fever dream-like surrounding. Although all nine episodes of the trailer specialize in young yellow vests, even a question mark that’s been looming for an awful lot of Season 1: the real identity of Adam (Peter Gadiot).     

At the top of the remaining episode, Shauna unearths glitter in her closet, suggesting that Adam is the blackmailer. Given the show’s many twists and turns, however, one can’t rule out that Jeff (Warren Kole) will be a suspect. A popular premise among fans is that Adam is simply Travis’ brother Javi, the only remaining interlocutor in the 1996 plane crash. “I located him, Tai,” Shauna says cryptically within the trailer. “I even have him. Adam, whoever he is, has been out of the Yellowjacket group for twenty-five years. 

As Yellowjackets careens closer to the season finale, the penultimate episode should increase as many questions because it solutions. It airs this Sunday at 10:00 EST on Showtime

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  • I couldn’t forestall replaying the part wherein Misty bursts into Natalie’s condominium and shoves her apart to stop her from doing coke. Christina Ricci and Juliette Lewis are doing great in those roles.
  • The thought of Taissa’s circle of relatives canine gone missing and her having to send her wife and son away due to the fact she’s afraid of hurting them is simply so so sad and terrifying.     
  • Don’t mess with Caligula.

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