Vibra Mahou Distributes Urban Music In November With Carrete II

Mahou’s musical platform together with Live Nation will be in charge of distributing quality urban areas throughout six different shows during the month of November in Madrid. Ready to get to know the Carrete II roster?

Carrete II will bring six diverse and high-level shows to Sala La Riviera , with both national and international artists. The most characteristic thing about this poster distributed by days during the month of November is that it houses urban of all styles and cuts, from rap to trap through other more vocal and melodic cuts.

On November 1, the party begins hand in hand with nothing more and nothing less than: Thunder. The Argentine artist returns to the capital to blow up the Sala La Riviera. Undoubtedly one of the great stars of the international urban scene; Its nearly 5 million monthly listeners on Spotify vouch for its well-deserved success. His latest hit, “FEEL MEE ??” It is quite a show of intentions of where his career will go in the coming months. Ready to enjoy this cut as well as many others from the hand of Reel II?

Just four days later , a double show will arrive at La Riviera to turn the room upside down. One of the urban artists who stands out the most on paper and pen will be side by side with one of the warmest voices and lands of the national scene. We speak nothing more and nothing less than Zetazen and Paula Cendejas . Vibra Mahoy and Live Nation are betting on the national scene, although with these two figures they don’t exactly take risks… Two authentic out of series!

The third show will arrive on November 6 , just 24 hours after the show that the two previously mentioned artists will give. On this occasion, Princess Alba and Jedet will be the protagonists par excellence of Carrere II. We still do not get away from urban sounds, but it is curious how we enter a sector belonging to this totally different from the one found in the other two previous shows. When we told you that Carrete II brought variety and quality… We weren’t lying to you!

We turned up the pace on November 7 with none other than Israel B and Costa . Lovers of good rap are in luck, and these two guys will bring us the most street and hooligan sounds of the entire lineup. La Cabra and Costa… What better combination can you think of?

After a slight break, Carrete II returns on November 21 with Xavibo and Miren . It is time to immerse ourselves in two completely different atmospheres. These guys will be in charge of giving us two magnificent performances perfect to create a magical atmosphere on the La Riviera room. The lyrics and their warm voices will be the main protagonists.

We finished on November 28 the peculiar Vibra Mahou tour with Chema Rivas and Polimá Westcoast . Chema Rivas from Malaga does not need an introduction; author of cuts like “Tú y Yo”, “Mil Tequilas” or “Anda Suelta”. A machine to make hits that with the most reggaeton sounds will conquer Carrete II. On the other hand, direct from Chile, we have Polimá Westcoast, the poster’s second international performance. A more street and ragged urban sound, which will allow us to enjoy both musical aspects in the same night. All a star in Latin America who comes to conquer the Spanish capital.

So far our article on Carrete II, a set of shows to be held in La Riviera with Vibra Mahou and Live Nation. We remind you that you can purchase your tickets individually for each show at the following link. See you there!

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