Valle Eléctrico Exudes Euphoria And Enthusiasm On His Night Back With The Vlex Label

We tell you in this chronicle how was the showcase of the Valencian label in the El Sol room in Madrid.

When you spend a long time without doing something, it seems that throughout that period your body could forget sensations “re-virgiendo you” little by little about it, so that when you return to those moments you find yourself with some nerves and illusion that you feel strangers. This is what the pandemic has done with people in terms of attending parties, concerts or events and, for many, this moment of reconnection with music was the Vlex World party offered by Valle Eléctrico at the Sala El Sol in Madrid on last October 15, the day in which the restriction measures in the night rooms had only been lifted in this city for a couple of weeks.

In this, the promoter had the Valencian record label Vle x, which presented its cast of artists Conelli, gewrl, ANGEL3000 and Klaus . In addition, the event featured the participation of two artists closely related to the hyperpop label, 6orka and cute aggression. These were accompanied by several of its producers such as Turian Boy (also owner of the label), TAURO or Eurosanto on a stage designed by Eva Rausell, who created a simple neon space presided over by a hanging pseudo-cage that served as a “shelter” for the artists.

If the illusion of the people was already great to return to the dance floors (and more to one of the few hyperpop or PC Music events that can be enjoyed today in our country), the feeling was exponentially shared by a group of artists equally or more excited to be there. Many of them have not been on the scene that much, so this event was one of their first bowls in which they were able to share both their discography and unreleased tracks in a safe space in which support and acceptance were carried as a flag.

6orka was the first to open the event while little by little the space filled up. This one, even with a slightly more distorted vocal modification than normal, was able to create a magnetic space from the beginning of the night while exposing songs like “hello” or “at night”. Next, gewr l offered together with TAURO a set full of synthetic energy in which so many unreleased songs had room, a very well defended cover of Charli XCX’s “Gone” with Christine & The Queens and of course part of his repertoire as his electronic hybrid / R & B “estiu etern”.

Conelli was the next to act, and her performance was an explosion of elegance and kawaii energy, including K-Pop choreography. Conelli premiered his song “IDOL”, inspired by the figure that he represents for people who admire someone, but there were also other infallible songs such as “Otra Vez” and “Fresa & María”, his collaboration with gewrl who went on stage to sing it with her. To end the most “live” part of the night, the young KLAUS with his phosphorescent hair finished raising the energy of the public together with Turian Boy with a style that united the most avant-garde and powerful electronic part with urban airs that he could. reflect with your staging. His two singles“Ferrari” released so far and the recently released “Nontiendo DS” were not lacking in the set list .

On a night when there were few moments to sit down, the DJ sets of ANGEL3000 and cute aggression left no choice to rest. After an interlude with some PC Music hymns (“Whole New World / Pretend World”, “Track 10”…) while the set up of both artists was being assembled, ANGEL3000 prepared a very versatile session in which the bpms grew easily while We transited between moments of euphoria, industrial perreos and a hardcore ending that served cute aggression to take over from the turntables and remain faithful to his original style in which he saw a great repertoire of bright and chewy songs with dark, heavy, broken and accelerated bases in the least predictable way possible, the surprise factor always being something he uses in his favour with an audience off guard and ready to shed all their remaining sweat.

Undoubtedly, Vlex World has been a very beautiful way to come back, to dance, to have an experience with hyperpop and PC Music like we can seldom take advantage of in Spain and to support a good handful of raw jewels in an environment symbiotic. It only remains to hope that this is the first experience of many more to come. We leave you with the aftermovie of the event.

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