Undercover Season 3 Episode 8 Releasing on Netflix Today – Episode and Cast Details

Undercover Season 3 Episode 8 is coming to Netflix today, Here we have every detail you need to know before watching the series on the streaming giant. The story of Undercover revolves around the Undercover Agent named Bob, who is working with the police to take down big goons and the underworld Mafia.

What is the Release Date of Undercover Season 3 Episode 8?

Season 3 Episode 8 of the show is scheduled to be released on Netflix on 9 January 2022 and the title of the episode is Showdown and I think thsi episode going to be the most exciting episode to be seen as the season is forwarding towards its finale and we need to know the unanswered questions related to the series.

The Cast and Crew of the show:

The series has been created by Nico Moolenaar and directed by Eshref Reybrouck, and Frank Devos. The cast who are in Season 3 is as follows:

Undercover Season 3 Episode 8 details

  • Tom Waes is reprising his role of Bob Lemmens
  • Frank Lammers is in the role of Ferry Bouman
  • Elise Schaap has been seen as Danielle van Marken
  • Manou Kersting is back as Nick Janssens
  • Ruth Becquart is also back as Nathalie Geudens
  • Jeroen Van der Ven has reprised his role of Patrick Dierickx in Undercover Season 3 Episode 8
  • Emma Verlinden is back as Polly Lemmens
  • Anna Drijver is also back as Kim de Rooij
  • Robbie Cleiren is back in the role of Marc Gevers
  • Katrien De Ruysscher can be seen as Liesbeth Mertens
  • Celest Henri Cornelis is also back in the role of Jackson Geudens
  • Lieke van den Broek can be seen as Sonja van Kamp

What can happen in the upcoming Episode?

As per the official synopsis of the show and the preview of the last episode, we can say that Undercover Season 3 Episode 8 going to be the milestone of the show and we can see the conclusion of the show to be start as the show has already forwarded toward the end of this season.

“After the events of season 2, a court case and a possible prison sentence are looming over ex-cop Bob. Ferry is released from prison but finds out that his position at the top of the XTC-world is taken over by a new, stronger and more intelligent gang, which is led by the Dutch-Turkish married couple Serkan and Leyla Bulut. When a young undercover agent is murdered, the police realise that they have a mole in their midst.”

“Patrick Diericks makes Bob an offer: he can make his court case disappear if Bob goes undercover again and can unmask the traitor inside Serkan’s gang as a civilian infiltrator. Bob reluctantly takes on this life-threatening mission in order to get his life back on the rails and to secure a future with his new family. But then he encounters Ferry Bouman…”

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