Top Technology Hacks You Won’t Want To Miss

In a world where a low battery will give you palpitations and Netflix is king technology has really taken over our lives. So what happens when something goes wrong? You can either go into meltdown or follow these super easy to follow technology hacks.

Netflix stuttering? Worry no more

There’s nothing more frustrating when you’re watching a good TV program or film is when the connection starts to stutter. Solve it by hitting ctrl-alt-shift and s to change the buffering speed. When the option appears select the highest number and click apply.

Never lose your work again

We’ve all had a time when we’ve written half a essay and boom your document crashes. Whilst Word does have a auto save function built in this normally only runs every ten minutes, so everything you’ve written in between will be gone.

To fix this on Windows go to file- options – save. On a mac go to word – preferences – save. Change the autosave interval to every one minute.

Charge your Smartphone quickly

If you need your phone charged like now then switch it to airplane mode before plugging it into charge. Switching to airplane mode will switch off the wireless radios inside so it will charge faster.

Make Your own Wireless speaker

Do you want your tunes to be amplified but find there’s no speakers nearby? A empty cup or mug is perfect for amplifying sounds, simply place your phone inside and get dancing.

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