The Sound Of Magic: Release Date Update, New Cast & Much More

The Sound Of Magic Update: The upcoming South Korean series The Sound Of Magic was created by Kim Min Jeong. The series story is based on the Annarasumanara. The series is going to be telecasted on the platform Netflix.

Release Date Of The Sound Of Magic

The fans of the new series were expected that the series may air in the year 2021 only. Now we have expectations that the series may telecast at least in 2022. Actually the creators of the series planned the camera roll of the series may 2021 only but due to pandemic situation of COVID-19 the shoot of the new series was stopped.

And other news is that some of the main cast were also tested as positive for the covid. At last finally the shoot of the series was completed in the year 2021 and 2022. The fans of the series are expecting that the series may be a combination of six episodes.

Short Glimpse On The Synopsis Of The New Series

The Sound Of Magic

In the title of the new series only creators of the series gave a clarity about the story content that it delas about the music.

The content of the story explains a teenage girl who was much interested in becoming an emotional musician who was named Yoon Ah-yi. Her dream was to complete her teen age to complete fast and grow elder.

With that wish she went to meet a famous magician Lee Eul. The twist in the series is that the famous magician wants to stop the time and lead his life as a child.

The series climax ends with the changes in both of the child and the musician when they both meet each other. Let us see what happens when the series premieres. It’s time to know the main cast who were involved in the series.

Main Cast And Crew From The Sound Of Magic

• Ji Chang-Wook performed a character as Lee Eul who was a great magician as we have seen in the synopsis
• Nam Da-reum performed a character as Young Lee Eul
• Choi Sug-eun performed a character as Yoon Ah-yi who a child as we have seen in the synopsis
• Hwang In-Youp performed a character as Na ll-deung who was a shy student at the high school who used to not talk with anyone in the school

Other helping characters from the series are Lee Sang-Hwa, Hong Seo-hee, Yoo Jae-Myung, Alison Woods, and Jansen Panettiere.

Source- What’s-on-Netflix. com

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