The Boys Season 3 Jensen Ackles Teases His Character Soldier Boy’s Debut in Season 3

In The Boys Season 3, a number of new superhumans will make their streaming debut. Most fans, though, are looking forward to Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy. We now have a better notion of how this show’s “hero” will make his appearance. Jensen Ackles teases the audience.

During an appearance on Michael Rosenbaum’s Inside of You podcast, Ackles described his character’s entrance. He added that when we initially meet his character, he appears to be in a bit of a bad mood. But it isn’t long until he resurfaces and (supposedly) begins to make things miserable for Billy Butcher and his teammates.

“So, what happens is they kind of locate me and I’ve been essentially in captivity for a long,” Ackles explained. “I don’t believe this is a secret; I’m not revealing anything.” “When they do, I’ll be bearded and dressed like Cast Away,” says the character. “But when they clean me off, I put on my superhero suit and go to town.”

He didn’t say who “they” are or who has been imprisoning his character for so long. Regardless, Ackles assured that Soldier Boy will not spend any time getting on the wrong side of the audience. With Stormfront in season 2, the Boys already introduced a racist superhero to the mix. And it appears that Ackles’ new series will take a similar route but from a different angle.

“Is he a grandfather?” Ackles continued. “He was born in the 1940s.” He fought in WWII, and now he’s just a racist, cantankerous a**hole. And because he doesn’t age, he’s this young, 40-year-old superhero who is actually 80 or 90 years old, and there’s just so much material there, as you’ll see when you see the program. But because he has a ‘taste’ for people from his age, it was a no-brainer.”

What Jensen Ackles Shared About The Boys Season 3?

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Ackles also revealed additional details about how he first oriented with The Boys Season 3. Knowing showrunner Eric Kripke (also the creator of Supernatural) provided him a leg up. But that didn’t mean Ackles was a shoe-in for the part. Soldier Boy was being considered by the studio for “far greater stars,” according to Ackles.

Using this, during COVID lockdown in 2020, Ackles put together a series of audition tapes, with Kripke providing remarks on each one until he believed they had achieved the best take. Soldier Boy and Butcher appeared to be having a conversation in the scene.

Rather than having his wife or young children play The Boys’ leader offscreen, Ackles recorded his own rough New Zealand accent for Karl Urban.

Prior to being cast in The Boys Season 3, Ackles had a lot of superhero experience, thanks to his brief appearance on Smallville and memorable roles as Jason Todd in DC’s Batman: Under the Red Hood and Bruce Wayne/Batman in Batman: The Long Halloween animated features. But this isn’t likely to be his final superhero endeavor. Ackles also mentioned that he hopes to return to the DC Universe in the near future during the conversation.

“I’m now developing a DC property with Warner Bros. and some other fantastic partners that I’m keeping my fingers crossed for,” Ackles stated. “But, once again, I won’t say anything because I don’t want to jinx anything.”

The Boys Season 3 will be available on Amazon Prime on June 3rd.

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