Squid Game Season 2 Updates & Similar Series To Watch

Squid Game Season 2 Update: Squid Game will return to our screens! Netflix Co-CEO Ted Sarandos confirmed at a press conference that the exciting Korean show will return for Season 2. When asked about the future of the series, he replied: “Definitely. The frame of the Squid Game has only just begun.” Although its return was expected, fans chewed their nails and awaited official confirmation. 

 After its launch in 2021, Squid Game became Netflix’s most-streamed network with 111 million viewers. It is in the top 10 on Netflix in all 94 countries with an existing rating system.

Looking at the stats alone, it was clear that Netflix would revive the series for the second season. During a meeting with  AP,  director Hwang Donghyuk shared his thoughts on the show’s return with People, saying, “So there was so much pressure, so many expectations and so much love for season two.

Squid Game Season 2 Updates & Similar Series To Watch

You almost feel like you’re leaving nothing behind!”. He continued: “It’s on my mind right now. I’m in the planning process right now. But I think it’s too early to tell when and how it will happen.” 

Squid Game Season 2

While we wait for Squid Game Season 2, check out this other series, mainly from Korea and Asia, which have some of the most dangerous games with the most dramatic effects or vague moral myths.

There are 5 shows and movies like Squid Game here that you can watch below. 


 If Squid Game was your first Korean drama, take Netflix’s new  Hellbound up a storm to see what other Korean TV producers are doing better. The series, created and directed by Busan director Yeon Sangho and based on his webtoon Hell, mixes horror and incredibly good behavior in much the same way that Squid Game mixes emotion and morality.

When angels descend to earth to tell sinners when they will die and are sent to hell by three smoking creatures who beat the victims to blood before they are roasted, the whole world begins to take over.

Beware, especially religious people who see this as God’s answer to our growing question of right and wrong. Like a squid game, you’ll think it’s one thing, but remember it’s a very complex thing. 

 Alice in Borderland 

 Alice in Borderland is a 2020 Japanese science television series based on the Haro Aso myth of the same name. Directed by Shinsuke Sato, the series stars Kento Yamazaki and Tao Tsuchiya as the partners trapped in an abandoned Tokyo where they are forced to compete.

In dangerous games, the nature and difficulty of which is determined by the playing of cards. After surviving their first match, players are awarded “Visas” which are renewed the more they compete. When visas expire, people are killed by red rockets shot into the sky. 


Stranger (RR: Bimileui Sup; lit. Secret Forest) is an exciting South Korean television series. Produced by Signal Entertainment and IOK Media, it was created by Studio Dragon writer Lee Sooyeon and aired on tvN from June 10, 2017. The series is being updated for the second season and will begin airing on August 15, 2020. 

 The series drew local and international audiences and received positive reviews for its solid structure, interesting sequence, and solid gameplay. It was named to the New York Times list of the best television shows of 2017 and won several awards including the Big Television Award at the Baeksang Arts Awards. 

Sweet Home

Need more power in a dark squid-filled Korean drama? Play? Tie up and blast Sweet Home, a terrifying series about a group of people trapped in an apartment as the world transforms into monster monsters that represent their inner demons around them. There aren’t any shady companies porting the series to games, but like Squid Game, there’s a good human drama with no wacky acts involved. (There are also monster fights. Everyone loves monster battles.) 


To see the next level of Korean drama, be sure to check out Dr.Brain, an exciting psychologist who first appeared on Apple TV+ in November 2021. The drama follows a brain scientist who finds a way to transmit memories from one person to another.

Another aim is to examine the family crisis. It’s like a squid game, you’re completely insane when you talk about getting into the minds of the dead and the living and imagining what that would look like (answer: like a bad mind nightmare), but also focused on the Emotions that drive the story forward. 

 These five programs are amazing and famous to prove their popularity. So while you’re waiting for squid game 2 to wear off, keep yourself aligned with these top squid game 5 abridgments!

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