Spotify Announces Great News For Its Podcasts

A new tool for monetization and a new functionality that will allow you to see video podcasts that have it.

The streaming music giant is always thinking of new ideas and ways to improve its platform. This time they focus on the world of podcasts, a section that is becoming more and more relevant both on Spotify and among the public. The news comes both for the creators of these publications (twice) and for consumers.

Let’s first talk about Megaphone, the platform Spotify has partnered with to allow creators to monetize their podcast content. Megaphone is a company specialized in this area, so Spotify has decided to count on it to bring new and useful functions. These features range from live ad reading by presenters to dynamic ad insertion. In addition, publishers will be able to manage and plan these campaigns, as well as analyze their performance once published. Thanks to features like these, monthly podcast production is up 15% in the markets you’re already in. Now it finally arrives in Spain, France, Italy and Germany.

To talk about the other great news we have to talk about Anchor, another free podcast creation platform with which Spotify has collaborated. In this case, the union is to offer editors the possibility of adding video to their podcast, and users the possibility or not of streaming it. That is, we can continue listening to the audio in the background as before.

Additionally, using Anchor, creators will be able to insert spots, songs from Spotify itself or Amazon Music, and custom clips. This alliance will soon reach “selected markets”, as they have transmitted in a statement; interested creators will also have to sign up for a waiting list to enjoy the service as it will be implemented gradually.

In a world where podcast consumption is increasing, these new tools come at the perfect time. According to Spotify’s report on podcast consumption habits in 2021, 51% of people already consume them and 33% do so frequently. Regarding future advertising investments in this format, they are expected to grow more than 50% in Europe and exceed 200 million euros in 2023.

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