Santo Dogma Surprises Fans With His Last Two Releases

The Sevillian urban music label re-released music last Friday, with Ric Waves, Carmen Luna, Paul Cortez and Darkes as the main protagonists. Ready to enjoy “NEEDY” and “N’TI”?

The urban laboratory of Santo Dogma continues to bear fruit. This time we received two new tracks throughout the last Friday of releases. Funny how much less they both differ a lot from each other, something that is undoubtedly the basis of the imminent success that these guys will have.

Starting with “NEEDY” , it is the first preview of the project that Ric Waves proposes to us. An unreleased album made up of ten songs, which finally contain the sound that the producer was looking for so much. A work of months that will finally see the light, although for this we will still have to wait a couple of months. As the producer himself has told us, this album will be 100% focused on electronic music , the genre from which the artist comes and thanks to which, after all, he immersed himself in this whole project. Ric Waves’ career is not exactly short, and it seems that the Sevillian wants to put the finishing touch to his first breakthrough as a professional.

While we expect cuts more immersed in bass music, “NEEDY” is not yet in that universe. It is a point of connection between the music that Ric Waves has released this year and everything that comes in his most imminent future. Carmen Luna does the honors of giving voice to this beautiful single ; vocal and beat marry perfectly, creating a delicate atmosphere worth enjoying. Various elements of bass music make an appearance, with some sounds typical of styles such as future bass. However, we are aware that this song has a commercial aspect , where it made no sense to stick to the purest rhythms of the genre.

Ric Waves is in the middle of a chess game, and he knows exactly how to play his chips. After a wide range of urban releases with electronic elements, it is time to turn the tables and give temporary prominence to the genre with which it came to this world. Diversifying your audience and your sound, creating the music you want, when and how you want it. And before that, we can only applaud.

On the other side of the coin we have the second single: “N’TI” by Paul Cortez with Darkes in command of the beat . One of the great promises of Santo Dogma returns to the roster with his second song, “N’TI”. If we compare it with the predecessor “2M” , this last track shows us the more sentimental and slow side of the artist. It seems that the good vibes have temporarily abandoned Paul Cortez’s career; it is time for paper, pen and emotions.

Darkes is instrumental in creating the best possible blank notebook for this work. A set of rhythms and sounds that keep the song alive at all times, but continuing the emotional line set by the artist. A hit created by and for those Sundays with rain and blankets… It’s time to reflect with Paul Cortez!

So far our review of the last two jewels of Santo Dogma. From the first preview of the next Ric Waves album with the beautiful vocal of Carmen Luna as a companion to the second single by Paul Cortez, which begins to take a firm step in his career. This is Holy Dogma and we are here to tell you about it!

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