SahBabii Releases Releases New Album, ‘Do It For DemoN’

American rapper and singer, Saaheem Malik Valdery, known professionally as SahBabii has released his new album, ‘Do It For DemoN.’

Release by Arena Music Productions on Wednesday, October 27, the album is SahBabii’s sophomore album.

In 2016 SahBabii cemented himself as the most unique and intriguing new voice coming out of Atlanta’s crowded hip-hop landscape with the release of his project S.A.N.D.A.S.

The project featured hits “Pull Up wit ah Stick” (feat. Loso Loaded) and “Marsupial Superstars” (feat. T3) which brought SahBabii’s psychedelic, sing-song flow and outlandish lyrics (“I wanna fuck an amphibian,” he raps on “Marsupial Superstars”) to mainstream attention.

On July 8, 2020, SahBabii released the album Barnacles. Complex described the album as putting “the focus squarely on SahBabii’s distinctive, dreamlike sound.

With surreal production and off-kilter vocals, Barnacles is a unique look into what makes his music so appealing”. His song Purple Umbrella samples a video game theme by Yasunori Mitsuda.

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