Review: Garabatto Dazzles With Two Official Remixes

The national producer has stood out with up to two high-quality remixes, including an incredible remix of “Love Again” by Dua Lipa. At the end you will find a short interview where he tells us all the details of the launch.

The well-known daily newscast of Ángel Martin was the portal chosen by Garabatto to publicly communicate that, that Friday, he would launch an official remix to none other than Dua Lipa. For the young man who started many years ago under the Sahe brand, this whole process has been a real dream. From his signing with Panda Funk -Deorro’s seal- with his corresponding tour, the prominence he had in the last edition of Operación Triunfo until finally surprising a whole scene with this release.

Although hard work does not always bring rewards, we can say with gratitude that, at least this time, it has. The combination of perseverance + talent is usually devastating, and that is exactly what the career of this great artist reflects. A close producer, always willing to collaborate and throw a cable so that the music industry of our country grows more and more. A musical genius who has dazzled throughout this weekend.

Garabatto is a multidisciplinary artist. He has shown – especially in recent years – that he knows how to handle any style and beat. The most wonderful thing about it is that, for this very special occasion – probably the most historic release of his career to date – he wanted to opt for electronics. A tribute to his career, and why not, to his oldest audience. He has reached the top, and from there, he has taught everyone what the house brand is, the most Garabatto sound.

This remix of “Love Again” sounds great. Although the main character in the melodies is, logically, Dua Lipa, the Spaniard takes center stage in the drops with two absolutely masterful build-up entries. It is the moment in which Garabatto seems to indicate to the listener that, now, the one who takes command of the theme is him and his renowned musical production.

But as we already mentioned in the title, this is not the only release of Garabatto during the weekend. We have nothing more and nothing less than a remix of Rose May Alaba, specifically her track “Lemonade”. But for the occasion he is not alone, and it is that the young and talented DEV A has wanted to give his touch including a vocal fragment that, without a doubt, makes a difference. The Santander has been making it clear for many months that she deserves a place at the top of the urban industry of our country, with a very different vocal tone from what the listener usually hears.

This cut perfectly reflects Garabatto’s personality. Self-confidence, originality and versatility. The remix has up to three languages ​​in its lyrics: German, English and of course, it is Spanish in the hands of Deva. It gives us the feeling that it would be a perfect song for… Eurovision! Be careful, taking into account that we are talking about Garabatto … It wouldn’t even be a surprise!

We finish with the Q&A that we promised you at the beginning. A short interview where Garabatto tells us what it was like to work with Dua Lipa. If you want to know the secrets of the launch… You are in the ideal place!


HipHopMill: What was the first thing that crossed your mind when you found out that you were going to release an official remix of a Dua Lipa track?

Garabatto: I thought it was too pretty to be true, but if there was only one chance that it was, I wanted to fight it. The truth is that experience has taught me not to get over-excited about the goal and simply enjoy the journey knowing that I have given the maximum in each step, but knowing the magnitude of the opportunity I had a challenge in which to show myself that yes he was able to achieve it.

HipHopMill: Have you worked in any special way for this project or have you followed the usual line of Garabatto 100%?

G:It is not easy to explain, but I can try to explain what happens inside my coconut. Lately I have been working on ensuring that the true complexity lies in all the physically assessable areas of music (regardless of genre) being interesting as well as understandable by the vast majority of the public, something that a veteran ear and a totally amateur ear can appreciate.. The intention is to ensure that the melodies are coherent and memorable, that there is a strong contrast between rhythms, that in the sound design there is a contrast between the delicacy of the acoustic instruments and the forcefulness of the electronics, that the sound planes face the ‘small and close ‘with the’ giant epic ‘and keep in mind the creation of’ momentum’, In what situation do I imagine this song could sound and how would I manage so that that feeling was maximized. And have a blast playing each of those things to be as satisfying as possible.

HipHopMill: What objectives do you think that, after this launch, you will be able to achieve in the short / medium term?

G: First of all, I think this opportunity is a ‘quality check’ that provides credibility for the industry. Not everyone has an A&R sensibility to appreciate talent in the thick and they need to see explicitly with whom you move in order to label yourself “good” or “bad.” It’s like buying bouillon tablets because Arguiñano comes out of the box and assuming that it is good without having tried the product or seen its ingredients (my respects to Arguiñano hahaha).

Although I consider myself competent to give good results, this opportunity allows me to be able to say it in a more explicit way and in the short / medium term to be able to get the artists I want to work with to believe in me as I do in them.

HipHopMill: Were you clear that you had to take “Love Again” to the electronic field or was it something agreed with the agency?

G: I am honestly very grateful that they gave me total creative freedom. I made the decision to make it electronic based on the fact that the original was already designed for radio and I wanted to redesign it for the club.

HipHopMill: Finally, what would you say to Javi, who many years ago dreamed of achieving milestones like this world launch?

G:I would try to enrich him philosophically, I would try to make him understand that people are just people, like you. To believe that something is unattainable because there are hierarchies in the union, is to lose without having started. It has more to do with your way of thinking and your predisposition towards these people, than with that hierarchy. If something excites you to the point of losing your sleep and you dream of working with someone, that someone will probably be excited when they discover your passion. Find a way to communicate with these people in whatever way. I’m talking about communicating naked, without ego. Finally I would get rid of thinking about final goals, the “I want to be X”. Goals shouldn’t exist There should be a path of constant growth where genuine happiness and playfulness prevail over likes and social acceptance that basically feeds envy when you’re doing badly and ego when you’re doing well, how absurd. And once liberated, that path has no roof.

So far this special entry, it is very lucky to work with Garabatto, an example of how an artist should lead his career. Until next time HipHopGetters! Enjoy these two great remixes.

Listen to Dua Lipa • Love Again (GARABATTO Remix) below:

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