Reflection Of You Season 2: All About It & Much More

Reflection Of You Season 2 was developed by JTBC and is a Korean television series following the successful painter Heejoo (HyunJung Go), whose life is haunted by a version of her former self.

Except for the attractive young woman he once had contact with. Although Heejoo’s life is outwardly perfect, it is always in a state of confusion and fear. Based on the novel of the same name by the writer Jung Sohyeon, the first season of this gripping drama was released on October 13, 2021, and,

has managed to gain a considerable following. So now we want to tell you everything we know about the second season!

 Reflection of You Season 2 Release Date:

Reflection Of You Season 2

‘Reflection of You’ Season 1 was released on Netflix on October 13, 2021, and ended with 16 long-term episodes on December 2, 2021. Each episode of the show lasts 62 to 70 minutes.

The show was originally launched on JTBC for viewers in Korea. In addition, “Reflection of You” is packed with chilling moments and breathtaking suspense, which makes it popular with a diverse audience around the world.

When it comes to season two, all we know is this: The streaming giant hasn’t announced whether the show will return with another season.

As avid Kdrama fans, we know that most Korean dramas last one season at a time. so we don’t know if a season 2 is brewing.

Additionally, the season two finale winds up conclusively, although there could be many unanswered questions, most of which have to do with Heejoo’s new life at the senior facility.

Also, in the final moments of the final episode, Haewon is stabbed to death and he is finally making peace with his life, making it very likely that the show will only last one season.

However, if we look at the history of Korean television shows, there have been exceptions to the one-season rule.

which is followed by almost everyone. One such series is “Voice”, which, due to its dark and addicting story, runs for four seasons and leaves you longing for more.

Another name that could ring a bell is Hospital Playlist, which has been going on for 2 seasons and is known as one of the most popular Kdramas of 2020.

exciting drama series.

In the event of an extension, we can expect “Reflection of You” to be released sometime in the third or fourth quarter of 2022.

 Reflection of You Season 2: Who can be there? 

Shin Hyunbeen will rehearse the role of Gu Haewon, an assistant art teacher who has an inexplicable connection to Heejoo.

Choi Wonyoung will play Ahn Hyeonseong, Heejoo’s husband. Since Kim Jaeyoung’s character Seo Woojae dies in season one, the actor will not appear in season two.

Other actors in supporting roles are Kim Boyeon as Park Youngsun, Shin Dongwook as Jeong Seonwoo, Jang Hyejin as Ahn Minseo, Hong Seojun as Lee Hyungki, Kim Suan as Ahn Lisa, and many more.

 Reflection of you Season 2 Synopsis: What is it about? 

Season one follows established painter Heejoo who leads an enviable life from afar, but her life is haunted by a presence that haunted her throughout the first season.

Apart from that, her relationship with her husband Hyeonseong also suffers as her lover Woojae obsessively sabotages her life towards the end of season 1.

Heejoo’s rescuer turns out to be his daughter, who stabs him to death to save her mother’s life. She finally leaves her privileged life to save her daughter, claiming she ran away with Woojae.

Season two saw her new life unfold while her husband searches for her.

The next few episodes could almost entirely revolve around his unusual disappearance and the murder, which was covered up under the guise of an affair.

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