Our Beloved Summer Episode 3 Release Date, And Story Details

Our Beloved Summer Episode 3 Updates:  A very well written Korean drama which has a perfect blend of romanticism and comedy by Lee Na eun. And Kim Yoon ji has given the direction.

Our Beloved Summer Episode 3 Cast and the Characters 

1 Choi Woo shik plays the character of Choi Woong.
2 Kim Da mi as Kook Yeon soo
A very good chemistry can be seen between these two characters as they played the role so well. As the story evolves it helps us to understand them better and they’re amazing performance.

3 Kim Sung cheol act as Kim ji woong
4 Roh Jeong eui as En jei They are also in the leading role.
5 Lee Joon hyuk is Jang Do yoon who is in special appearance.

What Will Happen in Our Beloved Summer Episode 3

The story revolves around Kook Yeon and Choi Woong who are childhood sweethearts who met after years long break up .As they are supposed to play again their roles in the second season of the documentary who’s first season was being filmed on them in their childhood days.

Our Beloved Summer Episode 3

When they met again ,they recalled all their fights and love which once existed between them and they both felt that they have not moved out of each other but their ego is hammering on their relation. Its humorous and entertaining to see their fights in their childhood days when they were both poles apart from each other in their characters .

The director has not only captured their academic lives but also touched their personal aspects. It is also quite interesting to see their reactions and conversations after meeting years back who had not seen each other after breaking up. In the drama we will find many more interesting characters who will brought these two couple closer by exposing them in different weird situations.

And most important is the documentary movie which they are supposed to play together brings them closer
again. This is the crux of the plot.

One of the best feature of this series is that it has the original soundtrack composed by BTS idol V which gains the popularity and attention of the viewers.

Our Beloved Summer Episode 3 Details

Just 16 episodes has been made of this series which would be aired on South Korean networks.

Our Beloved Summer Episode 3 will be released on Dec 13. on Netflix also so that Indian audiences will not be deprived of this
Korean drama

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