Mountain Monsters Season 8 Release Date and Cast Details

Mountain Monsters Season 8 is about to release this month, Here we have every detail about its Release Date on TRVL Channel, which characters will return in this upcoming season.

The Trapper of Appalachian Mountains will come back once again with his hunting equipment and the teammates to capture the “Mountain Monsters”. The demons like Wolfman, Devil Dog, Wampus Beast, Mothman, and Lizard Demon may also come back into the TRVL Channel.

About the Show

The show is about the team of Trapper who Investigates the Mysterious Monsters in the Appalachian Mountains. The team is known as AIMS – Appalachian Investigations of Mysterious Sightings. The team uses both modern and traditional techniques to trap and capture the Mountain Monsters.

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Mountain Monsters Season 8 Release Date

What could happen in Season 8?

In the upcoming episode of season 8 with start from the season 7’s ending episode where we had seen Trapper’s team is in Tygart Valley now and Trapper’s daughter has found some really incredible things. As per the official synopsis of the show

“Before setting off, the AIMS team are given an old shoeshine box that belonged to their beloved late team leader, Trapper. While they are unsure of what the contents of the box mean, they know there must be more to it after finding an old picture of Trapper sitting next to a Tygart Valley sign. So, they hit the road equipped with the box and determination to catch Bigfoot.”

The Episode Details of Season 8

The ‘Mountain Monsters Season 8’ will comprise 10 episodes which will be released every Sunday at the same time.

Episode 1: Bigfoot or Bust – will be released on 2 January 2022

Episode 2 – Cow-Killing Bastard – will be released on 9 January 2022

Episode 3 – Bloodbath in the Woods – will be released on 16 January 2022

Episode 4 – Huckleberry’s Monster – will be released on 23 January 2022

Episode 5 – Trapper’s Birthday – will be released on 30 January 2022

Episode 6 – World’s Biggest Bigfoot Nest – will be released on 6 February 2022

Episode 7 – A Monster Turf War – will be released on 13 February 2022

Episode 8 – Rumble in the Hills – will be released on 20 February 2022

Episode 9 – 1984 – will be released on 23 February 2022

Episode 10 – Bigfoot on Camera – will be released on 6 March 2022

Mountain Monsters Season 8 Release Date and Time

Season 8 of Mountain Monsters is scheduled to be released on January 2, 2022, which has been confirmed by the official Twitter handle of the show. AIMS Team with their leader “Trapper” John Tice on Discover+ and Travel Channel tomorrow at 10:00 PM ET on Sunday.

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