Moon Knight Episode 4 Breakdown and Ending Explained

Moon Knight Episode 4 opens with Khonshu stone prison being placed among the other imprisoned Egyptian gods if you look closely at the scene you can see Anubis Egyptian god of the dead in the upper right corner. Layla is still in the desert after Khonshu and Mr. Knight changed the night sky. Arthur harrow’s men have finally caught up to them and attacked Layla while she’s trying to wake up Steven, who was knocked out after exerting so much energy helping Khonshu change the night sky then immediately losing Mr. Knight’s suit and the healing powers that come along with it.

Layla is crafty and uses a flare to take out Arthur’s men just as Steven finally wakes up they find the location of Ammit’s tomb thanks to the shenanigans of the night before Arthur’s men are already inside and Steven won’t let Mark take over the body drastically reducing their combat ability, especially considering that with Khonshu sealed in stone they can’t transform into Moon Knight.

Steven is also falling for Layla which causes a small rift between Steven and Mark that’s only exacerbated by the fact that Steven kisses Layla before they go into the tomb. Mark even musters the power to punch Steven in the face after the kiss as they move further and further into the tomb, and this was one of my favorite scenes of mine in Moon Knight Episode 4.

Steven kissed Layla

They start to see signs of a gunfight there are mystical priests protecting the tomb which Arthur’s men are fighting and Steven and Layla need to avoid these priests being buried in the tomb to serve as protection against anyone who tries to raid the tomb or steal the treasures within.

Steven figures out that the maze inside the tomb is shaped like the eye of Horus but Layla and Steven get separated trying to escape from one of the priests. Layla runs into Arthur who informs her that Mark Spector is responsible for her father’s death.

Layla’s father was an archaeologist who was murdered at one of his dig sites. But it turns out that while mark didn’t murder her father he was there it was actually mark’s former partner bushman who murdered Layla’s father as well as Mark (This is when Khonshu first approached mark and revived him causing Mark Spector to be indebted to Khonshu) Layla blames mark for bringing his former partner to the dig site and indirectly getting her father killed this is pulled almost directly from the comics and means there’s a chance we may even end up seeing bushmen before the end of the series, although I was hoping that we will get to know about the Bushman more about in Moon Knight Episode 4.

Steven finds the tomb of Alexander the Great who served as the voice of Ammit, this knowledge allows Steven to figure out that the statue they’re looking for is buried inside Alexander the Great’s throat. Steven digs him through his mouth and finds Ammit’s ushabti which is a stone figurine used by Egyptians.

Before Steven can get it away from the tomb Layla catches up to him and confronts mark about her father, Mark takes over the body but Arthur’s men arrive before Layla and mark can finish their conversation Arthur ends up shooting mark so he can get Ammit’s ushabti.

Moon Knight Arthur

Moon Knight Episode 4 Ending Part Explained

After being shot by Arthur

Suddenly Mark wakes up in a Mental Institution, mark can’t tell what’s real and what’s just in his head he’s basically reverted back to square one watching an old movie. That movie resembles Indiana Jones with Dr. Steven Grant that name sounds familiar to Steven. Actually, Marc started thinking “I am Steven as the main character”.

Moon Knight Episode 4 Marc Wake Up

There were Egyptian artifacts scattered around the facility specified in the head administrator’s office who happens to be Arthur Harrow even the staff of the facility are hero’s minions and Layla is also one of the patients.

So you’ve got Steven grant on TV the Egyptian artifacts in the facility Layla as another patient and Arthur harrow and his followers as a staff all of it makes Mark and in turn, the viewer question his very being where the past four episodes all just mark’s imagination.

Moon Knight EPisode 4 Arthur

This also happens in the comics with the reader never really knowing if what they’re reading is real or if it’s all just happening in mark’s head now let’s take a step back and look at the greater aspect of what’s going on here.

Given that moon knight is now part of the MCU it’s fairly safe to say this is all real in fact this could have something to do with the third personality taking over the body. We’ve seen hints of a third personality through the first three episodes with the biggest hint coming during episode three, about whom we’ll find out in the next episode

Let’s continue with the episode when pressed by Arthur, Mark realizes what happened recalls being shot, and has a mental breakdown, Mark runs out of Arthur’s office attacking the two staff members trying to restrain him he runs into another room and finds a sarcophagus with Steven inside.

Moon Knight's Third Personality

Mark freezes Steven meaning there are now two Oscar Isaacs one being Mark Spector and the other being Steven Grant both of them keep running through the halls of the facility, Passing another room with a sarcophagus inside there’s clearly someone trying to get out of the second sarcophagus who is very likely the third personality Jake Lockley.

However, Mark and Steven don’t free Jake just yet but they keep on running until they encounter Talret the Egyptian goddess of maternity and childbirth this is where the episode ends.

So the big question is what does all this mean it’s difficult to guess the direct meaning with what little we got at the end of the episode, But our take is that the facility is essentially the inside of mark’s mind while Talrat is mainly the goddess of maternity and childbirth she is also known to be associated with Protection.

Talret’s appearance could indicate Mark and Steven are about to be reborn after being shot or that she has protected them so that the shots weren’t fatal.

Either way, we believe Mark and Steven will come back to the life in next the episode with the help of Talrat or possibly something that Layla does, It’s possible Layla gets a hold of Khonshu’s stone prison and breaks him out which would immediately allow the god to bring mark back to life.

What are your thoughts on how the episode ended let us know in the comments below? We’ll have coverage of the last two episodes of moon night as well as extensive coverage of doctor strange and the multiverse of madness over the next few weeks once again if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below

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