Know Why Game of Thrones Prequel Got Canceled?

Game of Thrones Prequel Updates: House of Dragons, popularly known as the prequel of one of the most popular shows of all time. House of Dragon falls under the genre of American fictional drama & is created by Ryan J. Condal & George R. R. Martin for HBO.

House of Dragons is based upon Martin’s Novel named as Fire & Blood. In comparison to Game of Thrones, the series is set 200 years before the even occurrence of Game of Thrones & end record of the House Targaryen, also the events led up to civil war of Targaryen popularly known as “Dance of the Dragons”


For the Hardcore fans of Game of Thrones it is a great news that its prequel is all set to be released in near future. Trailer of House of Dragons was aired on October 5, 2021 & from the trailer it’s easily predictable that viewers are gonna love the series same as Game of Thrones. The trailer portrayed that making of the show was quite costly & the show is full of violence same as Game of Thrones.

Release Date of House of Dragons

As of now, no official date has been announced for the release date of House of Dragons although the trailer gave us a hint about the release, in the trailer of House of Dragons it was clearly mentioned that the show would be out for the viewers to stream in the year 2022. Fans can expect it to be out in the beginning of 2022.

How many episodes will House of Dragons contain?

Game of Thrones Prequel

House of Dragons is an official HBO series & officially HBO has asked for the 10 episodes for House of Dragons so it has been officially announced that the series will be having 10 episodes in total.

Number of seasons in House of Dragons

It was officially announced by the showrunner of Game of Thrones, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss said that the show will be having a total of 8 seasons.

Cast Game of Thrones Prequel

As mentioned, House of Dragons Plot will be in relation to Dance of Dragons & a blood civil war of House Targaryen that was set way before Game of Thrones. Most of the characters are starred from the above mentioned shows, like Emma D’Arcy will be playing the character of Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen considered as one of the most important role in the show along with Milly Alcock playing as the younger version of the princess announced by HBO in July 2021.

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