Kidd Keo Reinvents Himself With “Space Rockport 2” With Yay: Review

Rockport doors reopen to receive the second installment of Space Rockport. Kidd Keo teams up with Yay Beats at the helm of the production to bring us 6 more than special tracks.

With “Space Rockport” we cannot – nor should we – wait for Keo under urban sounds and rhythms. The artist is very clear that electronics is a musical range that he loves to play with , and the reality is that with Yay the final combination is perfect. If “Rockport Espacial” was already a success, the numbers and the sensations of the public show it, it is time to enjoy its second installment.

Maybe this release would have gotten us more married in the middle of summer , taking into account the rhythms and sounds that the six tracks monopolize. We don’t know if due to record label problems or if the artist’s own initiative, but we have almost gone to the middle of October to finally enjoy this EP. Warner Music Latina is in charge of sheltering this long-awaited release, which has brought with it much more than music. Something common in Kidd Keo, which we will talk about later.

With “Soy Así (Summer Mix)” we were able to get a first look at the concept of “Rockport Espacial 2”. First preview of the EP, released a little less than a month ago. A groundbreaking track that showed us two totally opposite drops ; the first quite serious and concise, without a large amount of sound elements. On the opposite side, to finish, Yay and Keo offered us a closing full of sharp and alternative sounds, giving even more freshness to the initial release.

There are two great surprises throughout this work. The first, without a doubt, is to find a collaboration with Omar Montes. We could expect many collabs , but including Omar Montes in a “Space Rockport” was something that we would not have bet on in previous months. “TikTakLove” is probably one of the most complete songs in the aspect of music production.

The other surprise , of the same caliber, comes directly from “Yo Con Mi Man”. The now mythical song between Yung Sarria, Elpatron970 and Kidd Keo has landed in Rockport to offer us a remix. Considering the hardness and punch of the original cut, imagining it around electronic sounds was practically inconceivable. A more than peculiar point of view, which undoubtedly enriches the final result. The proof that Yay is within the reach of very few, being able to put any cut on a genre and level totally adverse to the original.

“Niño Roto” is perhaps the most overlooked song of the entire EP. We have the feeling that Keo has tried to maintain his urban essence under an instrument that did not correspond to that environment. The flutes also do not end up creating an excessively complete sound, although we obviously leave that to the artist and producer’s taste. The quality is undoubted, that is clear.

“Drifting & Burning” is probably the best electronic music track on the entire EP. It seriously competes with other gems from the previous episode, like “Kikiki.” A perfect theme from start to finish, capable of turning any self-respecting disco or festival upside down. Each and every one of the elements is thought in detail, and it shows. Yay lets her sound shine through and the end result is wonderful. I’m looking forward to enjoying this hit at a good party!

We end with the most complete topic in general, taking into account both what it represents and the video clip and everything that is behind it. Rodrigo Films is in charge of offering us an audiovisual work available to very few on the scene. The corrido is a Mexican genre, consolidated after the Mexican Revolution that began in 1910. Normally, idealized characters of the place narrated stories. This is how “Corrido Espacial” sounds.

Well, Keo has taken that genre to his own ground, to Rockport. Together with Dan Sanchez, renowned Mexican artist, the cut shows a final result worthy of admiration. One of those uncategorized songs that end up hooking you for its originality and quality. The video clip, as we already discussed, is a masterpiece. But Yay’s work with Keo and Dan Sanchez is in the same way at that height. Union Spain and Latin America, once again, by Kidd Keo.

Regarding the parallel universe that Kidd Keo always creates under his new releases, we have two new capsules. On the one hand, a collaboration with SSSTUFFF, whose garments you can purchase both in the following link and in their physical store at Carrer del Duc, 7, 08002 Barcelona. It is the first time that Keo has sold any of his products, although in this case it is a collaboration, in person in a store.

Listen to Rockport Espacial 2 below:

So far our analysis of this “Space Rockport 2” and everything created around it. A great work by Kidd Keo with Yay, which seems to have no musical limits. Until next time HipHopMillers!


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