Is Thirty Nine Season 1 Releasing In February?. Plot And Castings Are Here!

Thirty Nine Season 1 Updates: Korean drama or song or even films has become so famous in the world. This industry of South Korea has become one of the most popular in terms of entertainment.

Doesn’t matter it is the songs or their movies or even their series, they are nailing it in all categories. From Parasite as a movie to the BTS and BlackPink as an artist and Squid Game as a series, they all have gained a lot from the world due to their originality. When it comes to any new dram then there is Thirty Nine which is on its way to release.

Thirty-Nine is a romantic drama about South Korea. This series is going to release on television as well as on online platforms too. For Television, it has the release for JTBC, and for the online platform, Netflix is the one who is releasing it. It is a drama that has three women in leads. Kim Sang Ho is the one who has directed this whole drama and Yoo Yeong Ah is the one who has written it.

When it comes to the release of this series then this series is almost on the verge of release. It is on 16 February 2022 that we are getting the first episode on television as well as on Netflix. The series will have a total of 12 episodes that will release weekly.

Thirty Nine Season 1 Storyline

Thirty Nine Season 1

The story is very simple and very unique. It is about love, friendship, career, romance, and life. It revolves around three female friends who are in their 40s or about to reach their 40s. They are very career-oriented and they are very friend-oriented too and it is about their life involving each other.

The series was confirmed in June 2021 and in August 2021 the casting was done and confirmed for the public too. The shooting of the series began in the same month when casting was finalized. It was on 12 January 2022 that the makers have released the script reading.

The casting of this drama Thirty-Nine is really great with the three best of the actors as their lead. The casts are as follows: Son Ye Jin will be seen as Cha Mi Jo( she is a clinic director), Jeon Mido will be as Jeon Chan Yong (an acting teacher), Kim Ji Hyun as Jang Joo He (a manager of cosmetics), Yeon Woo Joon as Kim Seo Woo (a dermatologist), Seo Ji-young as the mother of Mi-jo, Song Min-ji will be as Kang Seon , Seo Hyun-cheol as the father of Jeong Chan-young.

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