Is The 100 Season 8 Really Cancelled? – Spinoff Release Details

The 100 Season 8 is one of the most-anticipated apocalyptic shows on Netflix. Fans are excited about season 8 of the show, but will the show be renewed or not? Here we have every detail about its release details and spin-off information.

Will ‘The 100 Season 8’ Happen ever?

Season 8 of the apocalyptic drama was canceled by Netflix, as they have given a proper ending to the show in its previous season only. The creators (CW) and Netflix has already stated officially that The 100 Season 8 of the show is not coming.

On the reason behind the cancellation of the show Mark Pedowitz who is the president of CW had told that “We talked about it a lot. Jason has some other ideas he wants to do, and he thought that this was the right way to go.”

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The Spin-Off of ‘The 100’

The 100 Season 8

The good news for the fans of ‘The 100’ the CW is planning to give a Spin-Off to the series. As per the reports from TVLine Callie – Shepherd Bill’s daughter will be the lead in the show. and as per a few other reports, the new spin-off will be titled ‘The 100: Second Dawn’ and the show will start after the 2 years of the ‘The 100’ Season 7. The show may be focused on a few flashbacks from the pre-apocalyptic days and the show may be set before the 97-years (Pre-Apocalyptic era). Jason Rothenberg the creator of the show will have the format of “Lost-style flashback episodes”.  Few great, great grandparents of the current ‘The 100’ casts may occur in the upcoming spin-off series.

Release Date of the Spin-Off

the 100 spin off

The show was confirmed in 2019 and since then it is under development at CW. The various new entries to the spin-off were announced which includes Iola Evans of Carnival Row and Adain Bradley from Riverdale and Leo Howard from Legacies.

As the Preside of CW Pedowitz had stated once that “not done in any way, shape or form. The discussions are still happening”. So we can say that the Spin-Off has not been in post-production yet, so we may get an official confirmation and release date in 2022.

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