Hawkeye Season 2 or Spin-off: What will we get and when? – Release date

Hawkeye Season 2 would happen or not or just we will get the spin-off series. Will Clint Barton and Kate Bishop be back in Marvel’s live-action series or not? Here we have the information about the tv series. The Finale Episode of Hawkeye was the major pillar of what’s going to be next in the Marvel TV series on Disney Plus. There were tons of easter-eggs in the series and fans are expecting Season 2 of the show.

Will Season 2 of Hawkeye ever happen?

The series like WandaVision and Loki has been renewed by Marvel but we have not got any confirmation about the Hawkeye Season 2 yet.

Hawkeye Season 2 Kate Bishop hot

But bad news for the fans of Hawkeye as the series was the mini-series or the limited series by Marvel and there is not any confirmation about the Hawkeye Season 2 rather we have an update about the Spin-off series titled ‘Echo’. Marvel generally teases season 2 or the story forwards after the mid-credit scene or end credit scene, but there wasn’t any end credit that could possibly tease the Hawkeye Season 2. So we might not get season 2 any time in the coming future.

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About the Possible Plot of Hawkeye Spin-off

Firstly we need to conclude, what had happened in Season 2 or Spin-off, we have discussed what had happened in the Finale Episode of Hawkeye Season 1, which has been discussed in the below videos. Please watch the videos till the end and subscribe to us on Youtube too.

Part 2 of the Video

The Spin-off series which has been titled ‘Echo‘ will focus more on the character of Maya Lopez aka Echo, where the back story of Maya will be explored.

The series can start from Maya’s journey to New York, how her father got killed by Kingpin and how she joined Tracksuit Mafia, and how they are settling in New York after the incident og Avengers: Infinity War.

Hawkeye Spin-off Echo

The characters who could be a part of the series are most probably the Kingpin or the Wilson Fisk as we have seen his attachment with Echo from her childhood and the other Cartel member especially the goons of tracksuit mafia.

As she will return to New York soon there should be a superhero who could stop her and that could be our Kate Bishop or the Female Hawkeye. So Hailee Steinfeld will certainly reprise her role of Kate in Marvel’s Echo which will come to Disney Plus.

What is the Release Date of Hawkeye’s Spin-off ‘Echo’ on Disney+?

In the video which was released on Disney+ Day in November, we had got the logo poster of Echo, which means Echo has already been announced by Marvel and as per a few reports the shooting of marvel’s upcoming tv series Ironheart. So we can expect the shooting of ‘Echo’ from April 2022.

And we can see Echo aka Maya Lopez on screen in 2023.

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