Euphoria Season 2 Episode 4 Release Date, Theories and Episodes Recap

As Fans are going crazy for the Euphoria Season 2 Episode 4, after watching all the 3 Episodes of Euphoria. So they’ll not have to wait long enough as Episode 4 will be releasing next week on HBO.

Is Something Going on Between Rue and Elliot?

Euphoria Season 2 Episode 4
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We can hope that there is something going on between Rue and Elliot. You know Elliot right. Elliot met Rue on
new years eve, when she was looking for Jules, she found Elliot. If something is going on between Rue and Elliot so what will happen to Jules as she is with Rue. man too much confusion.

No worries all your confusion will be clear after watching  Euphoria season 2 Episode 4. Till then all we could do is wait and hope for the best.

Episode 1 Recap.

As we have already seen that the Euphoria season 2 Episode 1 starts from where it was ended in season 1. Where Rue and Jules have gone to their separate ways. After that we see Rue with Fezco and his brother going to meet a lady drug dealer, where Fezco tell the dealer when she asked him about bringing a kid to the deal, he says ” He’s not a kid he’s my partner” it was the time fans go crazy, as the same line was used for Fezco when he was with his grandmother.

And how can we forget when Rue tells Ali she is feeling guilty for treating her mother badly, telling lies about not
taking drugs, and what more.

What will happen to Maddy and Nate’s Relationship

Euphoria Season 2 Episode 4
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Maddy and Nate has been shown since season 1 they both have been dating each other, in the beginning, it seems
like a healthy relationship, however, you’ll get to know once you start noticing things that, is not called a
healthy relationship.

Sometimes they are together and sometimes not. Till now all I could say is Maddy is the one who loves Nate or she has feelings for Nate, on the other hand, if we see Nate sometimes he also admires Maddy but his anger is ruining the things they have in between.

Cassie and Mckay

Cassie and Mckay, are also together, but not together. If we see it from Cassie’s point of view she wants to
with McKay and reveal their relationship, on the other hand, Mckay is not ready to come in an open

Episode 2 Recap

As we know Episode 2 was started from the new semester for the Juniors. We spotter Rue and Jules together at the
lockers, where they both were talking about how much they like each other, and boom Rue sees Elliot. And
now don’t ask me who Elliot is?

Elliot and Rue both met on new years eve. So what do you think was Rue aware that Elliot goes to the same
school as her. I believe no, however then she says “how could she forget that Elliot goes to the same school”.

Now Rue wanted to introduce Jules to Elliot, however, she thinks Jules will get hurt if she tells her about
him. And how she has started spending time with him after the party.

Finally, she introduces Jule and Elliot and as expected Jules gets hurt and she started walking away from Rue, it
was the exact moment when Rue and Elliot said what a weird moment it was. Now as far as we know Jules, she is
curious about Elliot and she wants to know everything about him, now who knows is it jealousy or concern for

As Fezco has planned something for Nate, Yes he had some plans for Nate. As Nate was the reason that police went to Fezco’s home to investigate. As Nate has tipped the cops that Fezco is a drug dealer.

However, it was not the only reason Fezco beats Nate there are a few more reasons, like Fezco considers Rue as his family and Rue is Jules friend/GF. Now let’s come to the party where Fezco yes Fezco beats Nates to death and no one comes to save Nate, but McKay.

Will we see a love angle between Fezco and Cassies Sister Lexi?

Euphoria Season 2 Episode 4
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At the end of Episode 1, we saw Fezco and Lexi having a chit-chat on the sofa. It’s too strange that they were
having a conversation or away too long conversation as they both are poles apart. While talking to Lexi we saw
Fezco was more interested in Nate. After that Fezco and Lexi meet at the Fezco’s shop.

Fresco also seems happy after seeing Lexi. And she sees that girl and misunderstands things. After that, all we see is Nate’s Dad coming to the Fezco’s shop with a gun. As Nate’s dad wanted to see who has beaten his son this bad. After some talks and all Nate’s Dad reaches to his pocket, and everyone stares at his hand in fear.

However Lexi was there as a Queen and her survivor mode was on, but we did not see any kind of firing and all. Nate’s Dad gave Fezco money for the gums and left the shop.

We think Nate will spend some more time in the hospital, living his infinite dream of marrying Cassie and having

Will Kat take her relationship ahead with Ethan?

Euphoria Season 2 Episode 4

Kat and Ethan both have started dating recently after the misunderstanding Kat had for Ethan at the Fair. Let’s see will Kat take her relationship ahead with Ethan or not as she also wants to run her web cam business.

As far as I know, Kat is still confused about her relationship with Ethan. it was the time when Kat thinks of preparing a list of pros and cons, however, you’ll be shocked after knowing that she was not able to find any cons in Ethan, and now she thinks is she is the problem. After she invites Maddy and Jules for bowling with her and Ethan. Let’s hope for the best for Ethan and Kat.

Nate and Cassie

Euphoria Season 2 Episode 4
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Cassie is friends with Maddy, and behind her back, she is with Nate, however, we can’t say it’s all Cassie’s fault, Nate is also responsible as Cassie, however, Nate and Maddy are not in a relationship so Nate can do whatever he wants. Now, all we have to see is will Nate and Cassie tell Maddy about the stuff that is going on between them.

Euphoria Season 2 Episode 4 Release Date

Euphoria Season 2 Episode 4 will be released on 30th Jan 2022.

I’ll wrap up now as till now I have watched only two Episodes of Euphoria Season 2. I’ll be back with some more facts and my theories.

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