Dutch DJ Headhunterz To Play At Fabrik On November 6

From the king of hard to the most extreme piep kicks… The lineup of the new 150 is truly amazing! Are you ready?

Hello HipHopMillers again! Welcome one more month to our classic entry analyzing Fabrik’s 150 Billboard.

A few weeks ago we uploaded an article talking a bit about the party that took place on October 9, in which Sefa and Wildstylez were the headliners. It was amazing, right?

Well, with the opening of the full-time nightclub and all the rooms, Fabrik’s team has done their thing by bringing a line-up that will not leave hard music lovers indifferent at all. How could it be otherwise, let’s take a look at it.

We start with the main representative of the poster, the genius of hardstyle Headhunterz. In 2020, this artist completely revolutionized the scene with the release of “Dragonborn 3”, thus reaching number 1 in the top 100 songs of Q-Dance. Nevertheless; We must recognize that this year his drought has had us somewhat concerned. It wasn’t until last week that Heady released “Defend The Hard” alongside young Sephyx. In addition to playing this song live, we will surely be able to dance to its most classic tracks.

We continue with Code Black, one of the most representative members of I AM HARDSTYLE , Brennan Heart’s label. With songs like “Kyoto”, “Unbreakable”, “Fade Away” or “One In A Million” (all released in 2021), we are sure that Code Black will give us goosebumps with its melodies.

The great Caine, creator of the eccentric GPF character ( Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz ), will burst our eardrums with his extreme and distorted piep kicks. It will be the first time you come to Fabrik, since April 150, 2020 was canceled due to COVID. “CRYWANK”, “Rub Ur D * ck”, “Stare Into My Eyes”… We warn you that you have to like hardcore and sex a lot, because it is going to be a session full of surprises.

It is the turn of Furyan, one of the artists who has made us the most excited to be on the poster. Without a doubt, Furyan is crowning his best year as a producer since he began his music career. The release of their new studio album: “Bass Journey – A Journey Through Memory” is the hit of the year in terms of hardcore, and contains some really interesting tracks. From “Overdose Party” to “The Impossible”, going through his classic song “Kokeen”, Furyan will make us enjoy like no one else.

We finished commenting on international artists with Killshot, a member of End Of Line Recordings, the Warface label. We have already seen that in the 150 there will be hardstyle, hardcore, uptempo.. In other words, rawstyle could not be absent, and Killshot is going to be in charge of making it sound. We really want to dance to “LOCA”, the song he took recently with Deadly Guns.

Last but not least, Fabrik’s resident DJs will also put on a quality show live. We can count on Vicente One More Time, Yeyo, Reborn, Juandy Power, Rufo and many more.

We hope to see you all in Humanes on November 6, because as you already know, the experience is much better if we live it together.

For our part, nothing but HipHopMillers, we hope you have enjoyed this post. Until next time, family!

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