Dickinson Season 4: Where is Emily? Time Travel Twist, And Much More

Dickinson Season 4 Updates: The third season of the Apple TV+ comedy depicting the life of poet Emily Dickinson has ended. The episode with Dickinson, which was released on December 24, was a bittersweet gift. After three seasons, the Apple+ series Dickinson came to an end, with its wholly unique approach to recounting the biography of one of America’s most important poets.

The last season of the show was announced in September, and while this may appear premature to viewers, creator Alena Smith had intended for the series to end there from the start.

Smith said in a statement to Variety in September, “When I first started working on Dickinson, I imagined it as a three-season journey that would tell the origin story of America’s greatest female poet in an entirely fresh way, highlighting Emily’s significance and resonance in today’s society.

Smith claimed, years ahead of the final season’s premiere, in a January 2021 interview with The Hollywood Reporter’s Top 5 podcast, that she knew she wanted to go to the Civil War. “We do get to that in Season 3,” she remarked.

Despite the fact that it was a time of domestic strife within the Dickinson family, the Civil War was one of Emily Dickinson’s most prolific periods as a poet, and Season 3 of Dickinson delves deep into that difficult period with its trademark blend of humor and Wiz Khalifa appearances.

Dickinson Season 4: Details About Time Travel Episode

Dickinson Season 4
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As in previous seasons, Emily’s tight relationship with her closest friend (and sister-in-law) Sue Gilbert (nicknamed Emisue by fans) is crucial to the final chapter. Smith told Town & Country magazine in early 2021 that the epidemic had most certainly affected Dickinson’s Season 3 screenplay.

In a November interview with Collider, Hailee Steinfeld discussed her sentiments about saying goodbye to Emily and Dickinson. “I’ll never forget being on my own and having this actual moment of peeking into the future and not knowing what it holds,” she explained.

“With these parallels in our culture today and in my personal life, this play has continued to shock and possibly even scare me a little.”

On the final day of filming, Steinfeld recounted what was going through her head. ‘Do you mean I don’t have to commit to anything else or prepare myself?’” What will I do with the rest of my days?

Don’t worry if you’re upset that Dickinson’s deliciously odd universe is coming to an end. Smith, who is not only the show’s creator but also a writer, showrunner, and executive producer, has an exclusive multi-year deal with Apple TV+, so we can expect even more strange and amazing material from her in the coming years.

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