Dexter: New Blood Episode 8 Trailer Revealed Angela Connect With Dexter’s Victim

Dexter: New Blood Episode 8 Updates: After faking his death and fleeing into hiding eight years ago, Dexter Morgan has been living peacefully in Upstate New York under the name Jim Lindsay. However, his secret past is revealed as a result of a series of circumstances.

While he was initially successful in manipulating the situation, Angela Bishop appears to be fighting to shake her concerns and examine him more closely in the teaser for Dexter: New Blood Episode 8. She even has a connection to one of Dexter’s almost victims from a previous episode. See the trailer here, since this isn’t one to be missed.

Dexter had gone almost a decade without killing when Dexter: New Blood premiered. His run came to an end when he killed local bad guy Matt Caldwell, not realizing he was Kurt Caldwell’s son at the time.

Kurt is the owner of “many trucks and the local truck stop,” according to his character description. “Powerful, generous, and well-liked by all – he’s a true people’s leader,” the statement says. “Count yourself lucky if he’s got your back. But if you offend Kurt or anyone else he cares about, God helps you.”

‘Dexter: New Blood’ Episode 8 Also Shows Dexter Fighting For His Life

Dexter: New Blood Episode 8

However, Kurt is similar to Dexter in that he is a serial killer, but his victims are transients and runaways. Angela was looking into the case when she came across Dexter’s former coworker Angel Batista, who had unwittingly given her information about Dexter.

He emphasized the similarities to the Trinity Killer investigation, which languished until Debra Morgan obtained a break in the case, during a police conference. Debra died afterward, along with her brother, Angel revealed, leaving behind a son called Harrison.

Angela was still thinking about the Morgans when she got home and learned that an inebriated Harrison had said Jim Lindsay was a phony name, making her skeptical of her partner.

Angela put two and two together to discover the truth

Angela eventually figured out that Dexter Morgan is Jim Lindsay. Dexter’s answer is that he was just trying to get away from all the death he’d seen in his life, which makes sense for a while. However, his increasingly suspect conduct toward Kurt prompts Angela to investigate him further.

Angela searches down Miles, the drug dealer whom Dexter almost killed for giving Harrison bad drugs, in the teaser for Dexter: New Blood Episode 8. Miles confesses that he jabbed Dexter in the neck with a needle while he was attacking him, and he still has the scar to prove it.

After Harrison nearly died of an overdose, viewers knew Dexter was going to kill Miles. When he was almost caught by Officer Logan, he had to rethink his strategy. He justified the attack on fatherly fury and was eventually found not guilty. However, it appears that his deeds are about to bite him.

Angela must first locate him before questioning him. Unbeknownst to her, Dexter has been kidnapped and transported to an undisclosed location by one of Kurt’s men. In the trailer, a wounded Dexter runs through the woods, attempting to flee him, while Kurt approaches Harrison.

On Sundays at 9 p.m. ET, Dexter: New Blood may be seen on Showtime.

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