Death Of 2021 Clip Released: Kerry and Lucy Is Talking About Facebook Down.

Death Of 2021 Updates: We are quite aware of the fact that this COVID has done the things that none of us were expecting. The pandemic that started in the year 2019 is still between us and there is no hope for now that this illness will be shunned forever.

Many of us have lost a lot of things, some has lost their job while some has lost their loved ones and some has lost their own existence of living. The time was tough and dealing with these times was tougher than our imagination. So to bring you the realities of such time, the show called Death of 2021 is here.

Death of 2021 is the sequel of the previous one, that is Death of 2020. It is Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones who have created this series. They have jointly come as Broke and Bones to produce this series. Death of 2021 is going to come soon on Netflix.

The Death of 2021 is basically about how things went in 2021, from lockdown to the down of social media networks like Facebook. In the recent video that was released by Netflix, we can see that how some of the stars of the series were discussing the down of Facebook.

They were discussing the time when Facebook went down for a long duration and due to this many of the social networking sites went down, among them were Instagram and Whatsapp. In the video, we can see some of the stars from the upcoming Death of 2021.

Death Of 2021 Special Teaser

Death Of 2021

Among them were Stockard Channing who will be seen as Penn Parker, the other was Joe Kerry as Duke Goolies, Lucy Liu was also there as Snook Austen. In this video, we have also seen Diane Morgan as Gemma Nerrick.

One by one these stars started sharing their views on the down of Facebook. Duke Goolies who was an influencer said that he had the video of the reaction. He said he kept the video of the reaction that was made upon Facebook down but due to some reason he couldn’t upload it on social media.

Next up we have is Snook Austen who said that people have almost felt themselves like the former President of the United States, Donald Trump because like Trump people were not able to use social media. In the video, Parker said that many people even started doubting their existence. Gemma Nerrick also added something and said that she spent a lot of time looking at the phone so that she can get a message but those messages never came.

The new update of Death of 2020, that is Death of 2021 is about to release this month on 27, that is 27 December 2021. We will be seeing the same stars that were mentioned above. This time we won’t be able to see Brooker as an executive producer because he said that he has other projects too.

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