Borgen Season 4: Must Watch Series Like Season 4

Borgen Season 4 is basically a Danish television series developed by Adam Price that is simply followed by Birgitte Nyborg’s journey to becoming Denmark’s first-ever female Prime Minister even while exploring the country’s internal affairs. Christiansborg Palace in Denmark is often referred to as “Borgen.

Borgen Season 4- From 2010 to 2022, the show aired for 5 seasons. The series depicts many political parties that have made-up identities but are identical to the real-life organizations in Denmark.

Borgen Season 4 was originally created by the Danish radio network Danmarks Radio, but it is now available on Netflix in Spain.

If you are looking for alternatives to Borgen, we have compiled a list of six highly intriguing options for you, that will not make you weep over the already ended series of Borgens, instead relish a series similar to it.

Downtown Abbey

The fictitious noble Crawley family as well as the servants that serve them at their ancestral Yorkshire estate, Downton Abbey, are the subject of this historical period drama introduced in the early 1900s.

the reason why you’re going to like this is that it is based on actual individuals, ITV’s “Downton Abbey” amps up the melodrama by employing fictitious characters and settings.

Audiences who loved “Borgen” historical components might admire how, Downton Abbey depicts genuine events, such as the Titanic’s sinking, and thorough the perspective of its people. after the end of season 6, there were no hints of a new season, however, a movie reboot was made.

The Tudors

The Tudor empire’s King Henry VIII (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) reigned on the English throne between 1509 to 1547, and this Showtime series depicts his reign. Inside this sexual interpretation of events, we have a ruler who, sort of manages things slightly differently than Elizabeth II.

Henry Tudor is a turbulent, power-hungry, and lusty as hell figure. Within only four seasons, the show attempts to cover all six of Henry VIII’s wives Anne Boleyn (Natalie Dormer), the plotline is, understandably, the most gripping and you even see a glimpse of Henry Cavill before he became Superman. That suggestion is only a token of my gratitude to you. You’ve earned it! this historical show will not be renewed for any more new seasons.

The Politician

One of Netflix’s most recent original series The Politician is indeed a high school political drama that commences in high school. The series’s premise is based on Payton Hobard’s (Ben Platt) childhood goal of becoming President of the United States. It chronicles his younger days, and his development, and culminates in his candidacy for the State Senate in season 2.

Borgen Season 4

The show takes a number of unexpected twists along the way, including surprising opponents to Hobard’s triumph. After a few episodes, you’ll be completely gripped as even the drama builds. there will be a third season coming up in late 2022, but that is going to be the last of it.


For Borgen’s lovers, Scandal is an essential must-see. It’s not quite as brutal, however, the plot twists and melodrama at its heart are shockingly well-written and thrilling.

The seven-season show received several Emmy and SAG nominations, with main actress Kerry Washington fast becoming a fan and reviewer favorite.

There are deadly attacks, romances, sabotaging, as well as other political thriller cliches throughout the series, but there are also some very powerful and creative twists. Every individual in the supporting cast is remembered for something, and it’s often something nasty but sympathetic.

Despite this, the program feels less filthy than many political dramas, maybe due to the fact that the major characters retain some values. The last season left its audience to decide and understand if Olivia would end up as the president or if she gets rewarded for her role of becoming the ultimate fixer.

The Americans

The Americans is an espionage drama that pushes the genre’s established limits. The main pair remains sympathetic even though they clench their teeth and carry out their tasks, and the emphasis on family and normal life becoming overshadowed by a peril is intriguing.

Even the Russian figures who supervise the spy pair are well-written and compelling, which is understandable given the series’ creator’s background as a former CIA official.

The final season was honored with two Primetime Emmy Awards, which were well given how brilliantly the program ended its six-season run. At the very least, The Americans will leave you with a nicer aftertaste even nicer than Borgen. however, it won’t be renewed for a season 7th since the producers felt it will be stale and dragged.


The 5 serial drama Rebellion tells the story of the founding of modern Ireland. The novel is recounted through the eyes of a group of fictitious individuals who witness the political developments of the Easter Rising of 1916.

The Easter Rising in Dublin in 1916 set off a lengthy and brutal war involving British armed forces as well as Irish revolutionary rebels. Rebellion season 3 will release shortly in mid-2022. so Rebellion fans won’t have to wait for long.

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