Alex Rider Season 3 Expected Release Date on IMDb TV

Alex Rider Season 3 is under development and as per the reports of Production Weekly, Here we have a few important updates about its release date, cast and plot info. The series is based on the book titled Eagle Strike which explores the adventures of a Super Spy named Alex Rider.

Has Alex Rider renewed for Season 3?

IMDb TV has confirmed that the production work of Alex Rider Season 3 is ON and the team is working on its shooting schedules from May 2021. So it’s confirmed that we will get season 3 for sure on IMDb TV very soon.

The series also has very good reviews on IMDb as it it has received 7.6 ratings out of 10.

The main plot of the show

The Series is about the teenage Lex Rider who has been hired by MI6 and helped him to be a Super Spy. and his journey to help his friend’s family involved him in the fight against billionaire criminals and world-class mafia.

Season 2’s full of cliffhanger finale episodes was the hint that the show will remain on Amazon Prime for a very long time and we will get various seasons of the show in the future.

What could happen in Alex Rider Season 3?

Alex Rider Season 3 details

Season 2 was consists of a total of eight episodes and in the last episode, we had seen Yassen had told Alex that he have to follow and find Scorpio if he wants to find about his late parents.

And we think the SCORPIO Organisation will emerge as the main villain in season 3, and if you have read the book you will already know about what’s coming next in the show.

Do we have any release date yet?

There is not any update on the completion of filming for Alex Rider Season 3, and neither IMDb nor Amazon Prime Video has released any premiere date yet. But as per the speculations, we can say that we can get the upcoming season sometime in November 2022.

Which characters may return in Season 3?

The series has been created by Guy Burt who has written the script of ‘The Hole (2001), Harriet’s Army (2014), and Joe All Alone (2018). The series cast who mat return in season 3 are as follows:

  1. Otto Farrant will be returning as main lead Alex Rider
  2. Vicky McClure may reprise the role of Mrs. Jones
  3. Brenock O’Connor will comeback as Tom Harris
  4. Stephen Dillane will reprise as Alan Blunt
  5. Nyasha Hatendi will be back as Smithers
  6. Marli Siu may reprise her role of Kyra
  7. Andrew Buzzeo may be back as Mr. Boswell
  8. Daniel Francis-Swaby may be back as Dan Williams
  9. Rakie Ayola may be back as Jo Byrne

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