Adele Removes Spotify Random From Her Album “30”

Until now, no one had acted this way on the all-powerful music streaming platform. An open debate as a result of this decision that undoubtedly brings a tail in the industry.

We have very much accepted the concept of random in our music player. It is undoubtedly a great tool, which allows you to give dynamism and surprise to your trusted playlist. The “problem” comes when an artist makes for months – or even years — a set, a complete product, so that the listener finally breaks it apart without any logic.

An album in an artist’s career is like giving birth to a small child. A job that involves a lot of time — and money – invested. Create the entire line of art around it, video clips, record and choose the themes that will finally be part of the final work… In short, a musical compendium in which an artist puts his hallmark 100%.

Obviously all this complex does not happen in the most commercial albums. On those occasions, the objective is mainly that the solo songs reach millions of visits, and not that the fictitious message allegedly created by its creator reaches the public in its proper state.

The point is that “30” is a before and after in Adele’s musical career. An album that, in addition to receiving very good reviews, is receiving great support in terms of reproductions. It practically tops the charts of all the world tops, something without a doubt commendable.

Adele asked Spotify to disable the shuffle option on her new album. All this with the aim that the listener connects perfectly with the message that “30” wants to convey to us, piece by piece. Only in this way would the work be understood in its entirety. Something that undoubtedly says a lot both about the artist and the creative process and the way she understands music.

She herself declared through her Twitter the following: “It was the only request I had in this music industry constantly exposed to changes. We do not create albums very carefully so that they are then played in a meaningless order. Our art tells a story and our stories must be heard as we intend. Thanks Spotify for listening to us”.

This is more of a symbolic move than a practical one, since if you play a song from the album from the song player itself, you can enable shuffle and move between songs in that order. However, it is true that at first it is surprising not to find that option on the menu. We are sure that many of her fans have decided to listen to the album following the order given by Adele after this release.

Will more artists follow this path and decide to remove shuffle from their albums? Is it something positive or indifferent for the industry in the short and long term? You can share your opinions with us through our social networks. You will find them in the upper right section of the web. We read over there!

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