2021 Christmas Gift Guide: 25 Gaming Gifts For Him

Finding the perfect gaming gifts this Christmas is complicated. Most gamers will likely want the same thing: a PS5 or the newest Xbox. Don’t get me wrong; those are great gaming gifts for him. However, they’re hard to find and barely in stock anywhere.

At this point, you’re probably freaking out about what type of gift you can get him. Well, that’s why I’m writing this gift guide. I know shopping for gamers is hard because I live with one. Don’t fret. There’s an entire world of fun and unique Christmas gifts to suit the gaming needs of whoever you’re shopping for.

So work your way through these Christmas gift ideas and I promise you will find gaming gifts that will stand out to you.

Gaming Gifts For Him

  1. Do Not Distrub Coffee Mug: The perfect gaming gift for him if he hates to be distrubed during his time.
  2. Darth Vader Controller and Device Holder: This stand will help the gamer to have a place to hold his most prescious item, the remote controller. Buy this for the Ultimate Star Wars fan.
  3. Universal Gaming Headset: This gamer gift is perfect for anyone of all ages and works with all consoles.
  4. $50 Steam Giftcard: Any video gamer would appreciate this gift card.
  5. Video Gamer Sign: If you’re looking for nontraditional gifts for gamers, then this personalized sign might be the one for you.
  6. Super Mario Pirahna Plant Light: Super cute and retro looking.
    Arcade Stick For Switch and
  7. Windows: If he loves to play on his Windows PC or Nintendo Switch, then this arcade stick is perfect for giving him the old school arcade vibes.
  8. Tetris LED Stackable Light: Its cool and trendy, plus it’s a great way to kill time before bed.
  9. Video Game Stats Cellphone Case: The perfect phone case for the ultimate gamer.
  10. Video Games Bucket List Scratch Off Poster: Give this gaming gift to someone who would love to walk down memory lane.
  11. Bluetooth Beenie: Perfect for keeping all the extra noise out while playing.
  12. Among Us Plush Doll: Great gift for a teen or younger boy.
  13. Nintendo Gamer Sweater: This sweater will keep him warm and stylish this season.
  14. Playstation 4 Controller: Always needed and appreciated, especially if he has a bad habit of breaking his.
  15. Xbox Controller: Always needed and appreciated, especially if he has a bad habit of breaking his.
  16. Dice Tower With Sprial Staircase: This gaming gift is perfect for anyone who is into Dungeons and Dragons, or loves to decorate his room with gaming aesthetics.
  17. Saga Genesis Mini: If you cannot afford or find the PS5 or newest Xbox, then consider buying this console instead.
  18. Gaming Mouse Pad With LED Lights: This LED mouse pad is perfect for doing work and for lighting up the area when playing late at night.
  19. Retro Machine Playable Mini Arcade: Help him to stay calm or pass time with this mini arcade.
  20. $25 Twitch Digital Gift Card: If you know him well, then you will buy this digital gift card for them to stream Twitch.
  21. Apple Gift Card: For those that play games via Apple Arcade
  22. Gaming T-Shirt: Perfect for chilling at the house.
  23. Headphone Stand: Help him to find a place to put his gaming headphones at night.
  24. Controller Bath Bomb Set: This controller bath bomb set is unique and perfect for encouraging the gamer to take better care of themselves.
  25. Squid Game Plush Dolls: Makes a addition to the bedroom decor.

Where To Find Other Gifts For Gamers

I hope you enjoyed this list of Christmas gifts for gamers. So many people love to play games, and it’s not exclusive to video or mobile games. Some other great gift ideas for gamers you can check out are these exclusive board games or card games that have come out recently, which can be found online or at your local Barnes and Noble.

Again, I’d always suggest checking out Pinterest for great ideas on other Christmas gifts to shop for or for anything in general. You could also check out other blog posts, such as the ones here, for different niches of Christmas gift ideas like for women, moms, or even people who love a particular TV show.

What do you think of these gaming gifts? Are there any you’re adding to your Christmas wish list? Let us know in the comments.

Credit: Riyah Speaks

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